Ducky’s Drains uses industry leading drain cleaning equipment to be efficient and effective which ultimately saves homeowners time and money. We operate Ridgid drain cleaning machines with 150ft of 3/4″ cable and 75ft of 3/8″ cable for basement drainage systems and a smaller Ridgid drain cleaning machine to service smaller lines such as kitchen sink and bathtub drain lines.  In addition to the augers, we operate a high pressure gas power flusher with 800ft of hose which is effective on grease lines and vertical plumbing stacks on condo buildings.

  • Main sewer back ups
  • Main sewer tree root maintenance
  • Plugged/clogged kitchen sink
  • Plugged/clogged laundry line
  • Plugged/clogged toilets
  • Plugged/clogged bathroom sinks
  • Slow drains
  • ​High pressure power flushing​
  • Preventative maintenance​

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Tree roots before servicing

Tree roots after servicing